The ambiance felt so familiar, yet there is something a tad uncanny about it. I am in my room. But that strange icy touch, what could it be? After coming home from college, I was so tired that I drifted off to a deep slumber in no time. Then it took me a lot of time to recuperate my senses and after some time, I felt as if something icy touched my feet. Then suddenly I realized that numerous cats were surrounding me. The cats were everywhere, I started counting them, but my endeavors were in total vain. This can’t be true? I rubbed my eyes. It was very hard to decipher whether I was dreaming or not, but the cats were purring at me. I then stared at the wall where there was a picture of numerous cats enclosed in a lovely pink polka-dotted bedsheet. But to my utter dismay, the picture was void, there were no cats only the bedsheet was remaining in the picture. I stepped quite close to the wall and started examining the photo frame quite minutely. The frame seemed to be perfectly all right, however, when I touched it, I could feel some watery substance within the frame. I tried to withdraw my hands from it but failed to do so. As if some invisible strength is pulling me from behind the frame. And in no time I was yanked through the photo frame by that invisible hand. I could hardly conceive anything but I could see a dash of pink enshrouding me, was it the bedsheet? Maybe it was. But within no time I could not feel its presence. The invisible force had completely taken over me and was persistently yanking me through abysmal darkness. I felt as if I was veering down the spirals of this unenlightened alley sans any destination or purpose. And then suddenly I fell with a thud, I could feel my feet touching something solid. I felt as if, I could now stand up. Suddenly I could see dozens of tiny green lights surrounding me and the lights were rapidly nearing me. I now easily comprehended the sources of these lights to my utter surprise. These were the glistening eyes of numerous tabbies. And they were dangerously close to me. They were unusually quiet and were heading towards me, quite stealthily. But what could I do now? I was helpless and unarmed. How could I single-handedly resist these belligerent feline sentinels? However, I had to do something, will I be stuck here for eternity? I remembered that I was always fond of these felines and but I never imagined that I would get entrapped with umpteen cats submerged in abysmal darkness for eternity. Is this the end of my existence?
In a room, a young girl suddenly woke up from her sleep and tried to recuperate her senses. She had a high fever for a couple of days and had been taking high doses of antibiotics. However, she was now quite better but felt a bit lousy due to a nightmare which she faintly remembered. She stood up and went near the mirror, looked at herself, and started combing her curly hair. She then turned her gaze to a photo frame that contained a picture of numerous tabby cats enclosed within a pink polka-dotted bedsheet. She then went close to the picture and gave a wry smile.

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