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The never-ending wait-The conclusion

I soon started enjoying my stay since I was getting lots of spectacular snapshots. I even clicked a few snaps of Dipti and Mrs.Dutta and promised them that I will send them the pictures via post after I develop my film in Kolkata. Mrs. Dutta also chatted with me a lot. I soon understood that she was quite worried about her daughter’s future. Dipti was quite reluctant to marry as she did not want to leave her mother alone. But Mrs. Dutta could understand that something was wrong with Dipti.

One day she said, “My daughter Dipti was such a lively girl. But nowadays she remains so pensive all the time. It seems as if she is thinking about something all the time. I wonder what is wrong with her. I have also learned that she often visits our postmaster and inquires about any letter in her name. I have inquired several times.But she always prefers to remain silent. But how can I stop thinking about her? She is my only daughter, after all, Mr. Roy. I can’t see her like this.” I tried to console Mrs.Dutta and I made my mind that I had to ask Dipti about this.

We had, after all, developed a good rapport between us. She used to share a lot about her childhood memories. One evening, she had come to my room.We could not go for our usual evening stroll since it was pouring down very hard.I asked her, “Dipti, can you just tell me one thing?’’ She silently nodded.

I went on, “What do you think about all the time?It seems as if you try your best to remain cheerful, but something always bothers you, which keeps you pensive all the time.We are friends now, Dipti. You will feel better if you share with me.’’ Dipti looked straight at my eyes and said with a wry smile, “Yes, I will have to share with you since you are the last hope. Only you can end my never-ending wait. A gentleman from your city visited our place, last year. We became quite close. He was so charming, that I could not resist my feelings towards him. He also confessed his feelings, we had a great time.

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He visited again visited our place six months back. He promised that he would go back and tell his family about our relationship. He also promised that he would return in a month and would also talk with my mother. But he never returned. He did not ever bother writing a letter to me. I had his address, I wrote a few letters to him, but did not get any answer from him. I love him, Mr.Roy and I can’t think about anyone else in my life. Please do help me, I will give you a letter that I have recently written, can you please go to his residence and hand him this letter. I was planning to visit Kolkata myself, but I hardly know the town and my mother will also also be petrified. But if you did not visit us, then I would have been compelled to take such a drastic decision.I can’t take this anymore.’’

Dipti went to her room and soon letter with a brown envelope. I was stupefied to find the name and address of my friend, Aditya. How could he do this to her? Aditya had been married for the last four years and had two children. I reluctantly took the letter and assured her that I will deliver this letter to Aditya. I realized that Dipti will have to persistently face the brunt of this never-ending wait.

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