The headlights of the car were breaking through the darkness of the night. Sneha was looking through the glass. She was accompanied by the cameraman and her colleague. The driver was chatting to keep himself awake. It was past midnight. Sneha’s husband Ashish had already called her twice. Asish was quite worried. Sneha did not anticipate that it would get this late. They had gone to the neighboring state to cover a political meeting. Sneha was a senior journalist of a reputed newspaper agency.

Suddenly, in their headlight, they witnessed the traces of a bike accident. The bike rider was lying nearby; it seemed he was still conscious. Sneha immediately asked the driver to stop the car.

But the driver said, “Mam, I think it will be very risky to step out of the car at this hour of the night.”But Sneha was hell-bent and her colleague also supported. So the driver was compelled to stop the car near the site of the accident. His colleague got off the car. Then suddenly a few masked men surrounded their car and pulled the driver out of the car. Sneha and the cameraman were also yanked from the car. They were quickly gagged and all of them were transported to a nearby waiting car.

“Boss, they are still unconscious. I think we should call the newspaper agency. I have got the numbers from their identity cards. Let’s demand a very high ransom from them,’’ Raju said this. My trap was successful as usual. But I never imagined that I will kidnap Sneha, one day. We were good friends in our college days and after some time, I developed a strong feeling towards Sneha. But she never felt attracted to me and she bluntly rejected me. Soon, Sneha started ignoring me and our friendship also ended.
But I could never get over Sneha. This rejection completely transformed me. And after my father’s untimely demise my life took unexpected turns and I ended up in this miserable profession. I said to Raju, “They won’t recover their senses before dawn. I will decide in the morning. Just keep an eye on them.” I started pondering about this matter. Many thoughts were crossing my mind at this moment. I went to the room where the captives were kept. There were few armed guards present within the room. I instructed them to leave the room. I looked ar Sneha. She has not aged even a bit. She was looking more beautiful. I untied her bindings. I then started to sprinkle some water on her face.

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It took quite a few sprinkles. After that, Sneha started recuperating her senses. She now gazed at me. Her stare suggested that she instantly recognized me. She was completely bewildered. I motioned her to stay quiet and said, “I and my gang had kidnapped you and your colleagues. It was our usual trap. One of our gang members was feigning an accident. But I won’t hold you like this, I will let you go. I will tell my gang that you are my relative, which I now realized. I will arrange everything.
One of our gang members will escort you, safely. Now please, leave.’’ Sneha could hardly believe her ears and then said, “But you were a good student. But how did you end up here?’’ I then said with a smile, “It’s a long story Sneha. You don’t have so much time. But it is all predestined, Sneha. We are all puppets in the hands of the Almighty. This was all meant to be like this.’’

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