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The sentinel

“Have you heard or seen anything strange over there”, my friend, Rakesh anxiously asked me over the phone.
“No,brother, things are totally under control. Your caretaker is a great cook but, he is quite faint-hearted just like you. He was urging me to leave this place.’’ I replied casually.
“Yes, brother, nobody stays there. My uncle did not believe in these things, he bought this place despite knowing all the rumors about this place. The scenic beauty of the place might have attracted him…” Rakesh said. I interrupted him by saying, “It is indeed a wonderful place, Rakesh. The lush green valleys and the surrounding Nilgiri hills in the backdrop, it’s a hidden treasure trove for the nature lovers. You could have accompanied me, brother. You are a writer after all. This tranquil ambiance would have helped you to come up with a wonderful plot for a novel.”
“You know the reason, Atul. How could I revisit that place after having such kind of petrifying experience?” Rakesh asked me. “I have handled many such cases over the years. There is nothing to worry about. In most of my cases, I have found that these unearthly forces hardly cause any harm to us. These forces want to convey us some messages, but we become so terrified that we hardly take notice of these signals.”Rakesh interrupted me, “You are an exception, Atul. I know that you relish these experiences. You will. It will rather help you in your work. However, don’t get carried away. Please stay safe and take care of yourself. Good night bro, sleep tight and call me up in the morning.’’ I hung up the phone. Yes, Rakesh was right; I am waiting for the things to happen. I am a parapsychologist and these eerie experiences help me a lot in my studies. So, I was very quick to arrive here after I heard this story from my college friend, Rakesh. I laid myself onto the bed and exhausted by the long journey, I fell asleep in tome time. My sound sleep was interrupted by a loud shriek. I woke up instantly and I could now hear the voice of persistent wailings. It was the cries of a little boy but from where it was coming? I recollected that Rakesh had also heard these noises. I could apprehend what was coming. And suddenly I visualized the transparent silhouette of a little boy was coming near me. Rakesh had experienced the same visuals but had fainted. But I did not lose my nerve and patiently waited. The faint silhouette of the boy was now very close to me. I observe him closely and could his innocent face. He was pointing towards the large cupboard in my room. He gestured me to go near it and I followed his instructions.He then motioned me to remove the cupboard. It took me a while to do so since the cupboard was quite heavy. I could see only the wall behind that cupboard. The shadow of the boy came closer to me and pointed towards the wall. Something must be within that wall but what could it be. I investigated the wall but could not discover anything. The silhouette of the boy suddenly disappeared.

We have unearthed three pots of silver and gold coins and a skeleton in a tiny hidden room behind the wall. It must be the skeleton of that little boy. Rakesh has come over here this afternoon. In the morning, I started excavating the wall with the help of the caretaker and few locals. I was highly taken aback by my findings. Nobody had any neither about the room nor of such immense wealth which was carefully kept hidden for all these years. Where did these come from? And how was the boy trapped inside this room? I and Rakesh were silently seating in the spacious drawing-room when the caretaker came to us and said, “The boy must have died due to an occult practice of creating a Yaksha, a mythological spirit who act as sentinels of hidden treasures. This practice was quite predominant in the olden days where wealthy people sacrificed little boys to employ their souls as Yaksha for guarding their immense wealth. And I have heard from my grandfather that this house was once owned by an old wealthy man who had no issues. He was a renowned miser and he despised to part with his money. He must have done this hideous act hoping to safeguard his ample wealth. He must have abducted this innocent boy from somewhere.” We silently prayed for the peace of his soul.


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