Everybody aspires to be successful, but only a few are successful in caressing the ever-elusive success. But one can achieve success if they could avoid falling in the trap of these ten vicious impediments.

1. Procrastinating

One of the biggest challenges we face every day is the reluctance to take the first step. This happens with everything from simple daily activities that are part of our primary targets. A chief cause of procrastination is that one or more tasks can too difficult to undertake. A way to overcome this is to break every work down into smaller pieces that facilitate performing these tasks. If one peruses to delay the work without any reason, one never be successful.

2. Blaming

Most of the people start accusing of their failures. They don’t accept the consequences of their actions. According to psychologists, this arises due to our inherent nature of attributing our failures to the uncontrolled forces. But successful people don’t do this; they take up the responsibilities of their own mistakes. They know they’re going to fail, and they embrace the possibility because they know they’re going to learn from their mistakes which will help them in

3. Thinking too much about consequences

‘Karmanyevadhika raste, Maphaleshukadachana’ is a very famous line from the Bhagavad Gita. Here, Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna the theory of Karmas. He said to believe in yourself and do your Karma (action) and success will follow you automatically. Doing Karma is in our hands only, the result is not in our hands. But people in their lives hardly follow this. They always remain too engrossed in the consequences. This often derails them from their actual line of work that in turn makes them unsuccessful.

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4. Not listening to inhers

It is often seen that the most unsuccessful people talk instead of listening. They believe they know it all, and therefore do not need to absorb the knowledge and experience of others. According to Bryant McGill, a leadership mentor for social entrepreneurs, says, “One of the most sincere forms of respect is listening to what another has to say.” Listening helps a lot in imbibing knowledge from others which can be properly implied in one’s life. The people who tend to succeed are mostly great listeners.

5. Avoiding risk

Fortune favors the brave. But people hardly realize the need for taking courageous decisions. They are too content to stay within their comfort zone and hence success always evades them. They can hardly muster the courage to start anything new since everything new is associated with a certain amount of risks. Hence they try to avoid risk by adhering to the tried and tested methods. But successful people are always keen to try out new things and they don’t allow risk to come in their way. They are aware of the risks but still they never back off from treading unconventional paths.

6. Lack of persistence

A rolling stone gathers no moss. This famous proverb describes the importance of persistence and steadfastness. It is very important to focus on one goal and not shift their priorities. But most people start giving up when they realize that their targets are too back-breaking to achieve. And then they start focusing on other relatively easier goals. But in no time, they realize that these goals are equally arduous. They again quit and get entrapped within this vicious chain of events. But successful people never shift from their goals any mather what. They withstand all the perils until they ultimately achieve their goals.

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7. Envying

Most of the people are too engrossed in despising the achievements of others. They are obsessed with envying others whose determination and hard work have the path of their success. But unsuccessful people do not focus on their faults and always feel that these successful people do not deserve what they have achieved. This ultimately deviates them from the path of success since they never invest time in the rectification of their flaws.

8. Wasting Time

Time management is a key factor for success. But most people squander their time in watching television, games, and browsing aimlessly on the web. But they don’t realize that Time and Tide waits for none. On the other hand, a few people can balance their leisure time and their work properly. They are focused on their work but also realize the importance of occasional refreshments. These are the people who are more likely to be embraced by success since they have mastered the art of time management.

9. Epicaricacy

This bombastic word describes the hideous human nature of deriving pleasures out of others’ failures. Most people loathe the idea of anyone’s success. They often hope for the failure of others instead of concentrating on their own goals. But successful people always want their colleagues to succeed. They focus on their goals instead of thinking of others’ failures. According to Dave Kerpen, the author of The Art of People, “When you’re in an organization with a group of people, to be successful, you all have to be successful.”

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10. Self-centredness

Most successful people have their own goals but they are also focusing on others, the organization, the business, the society. But most people do not bother about others. Their focus is restricted within their periphery. They hardly possess a vision to see beyond themselves which is quite necessary to achieve success.
If one can overcome these pitfalls and solidify their characters, success will be compelled to enlighten their lives.

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