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The Wind Chime

Akash was busy marveling at the beauty of the spectacular wind chime that he had just purchased from an antique shop. The top platform of the wind chime had a golden hue and the tubes were studded with miniatures of elephants, the trunks of the elephants were studded with little gems. He had tied it near his window. The wind was not strong enough to undulate the chime.

Akash who was a software engineer has developed this fascination with collecting old valuables from his late father. Their house has become quite a treasure trove of old art collections. This wind chime had grabbed Akash’s attention particularly due to its unparalleled appearance.

Akash had finished his dinner and was busy on his laptop. Suddenly a strong breeze started to blow and a melodious clang of the wind chime had commenced. Akash seemed to be transfixed after hearing the tune. It seemed as if some unknown force has started to dominate him and was now restricting his movements. He was gazing aimlessly at the window as the clang of the wind chime became more and more melodious and coherent. Akash felt as if he was transported to an auditorium and was now listening to an orchestra, how the jingle of a mere wind chime could amplify into such an incredible symphony? He could hardly believe his ears. And then suddenly a shadow of a young woman appeared in front of him.

Akash could see that the silhouette had now started to move and she said, “You must have enjoyed the tune of my wind chime. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Akash was petrified for a moment, but he mustered some courage and replied, “This is your Wind chime?”

The silhouette of the woman said “Yes, this was gifted by my fiancé, Arnab on my twenty-third birthday. But I could never listen to its tune when I was alive. So I come every night to listen to it.”

Akash was stunned for some time. He kept silent but the silhouette went on, “We were so happy on that day. I still remember I was stunned by his gift. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? I had planned to place it near my window. But alas, I could not. That evening when I was returning home a fierce thunderstorm had hit the city and suddenly I saw that a huge branch of a tree fell on me. I don’t remember anything else”.

Akash realized that this gift was an epitome unfathomable endearment to this woman. This gift has become her only existing link with this world. The melodious jingle continued for a long time and Akash remained transfixed all this while in the presence of the silhouette. He no longer felt frightened, rather he felt very composed and the melodious tune slowly soothed his mind and soul. After quite a while, the tune stopped and the silhouette of the woman also disappeared. The birds had started chirping and Akash realized that it was almost dawn.

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