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Self Epitaph

I am a human being,
Just like an average person on the street,
I worry about the quality of our water, air, earth and food.
I cry for all the violence, abuse, and neglect I see.
I bleed and feel pain.
I dream of simple days.
For I love and desire to be loved.
Just like every individual . . .

When I am tired, I whine.
If you disappoint or hurt me, I cry
For i carry emotions.
When I am angry I swear like a sailor.
I don’t have a poker face,
So am not deceptive,
But, I am honest,
I am loyal .

I look happy,
I smile a lot,
But no one realises its all plastic
For I carry a secret.
My secret is a rare illness
No one knows
But, Its my desire to love and be loved
To love and be loved . . .

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