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Unraveling Hope through the Pages

Like diamonds and roses hidden under bomb rubble, ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ is an intense beauty and strength buried under the surface of the cruel and capricious life imposed upon two Afghani women. The writer Khaled Hosseini offers us the sweep of historic upheavals narrated with the intimacy of family life. In this novel, he

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An Eternal Legacy

    “When a violin player in Berlin wanted to know about Bangladesh from me, I took out a folded ten taka note from my breast pocket and showed the picture of Sheikh Mujib, I said look this is Bangladesh; I don’t know anything more than this about Bangladesh.” It was his lifelong devotion to

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পাপী কিন্তু অসহায়

ছোট্ট এক কর্মচারির হাতে শুরু হয় আমার যাত্রা, এই যাত্রায় দেখা হয় কমকর্তার সাথে, সচিব-মন্ত্রীর সাথে, সবারই উপকার হয়। নিছক একটি কাগজ আমি। আসলেই কি সামান্য কোনো সৃষ্টি? ছোট্ট পরিধির বস্তু আমি কিন্তু আমার প্রভাব এতো বিস্তর, কেন? এই আমারই গায়ে লেখা কিছু সংখ্যা, এতো কঠোর, এতো ভয়ংকর, কেন? বাংলা মাটির কৃষক-শ্রমিক, এদের সামান্য ধন,

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My School in a Cell

Peering through my window I observe The wide landscape with busy people. The rushing humans in their pursuits of Money, fame, respect, excellence. Most eyes tell me the mere aspiration of Earning a living while a few bear Burning hopes of change. I ogle at the loving couples with roses in hand. I grudge them,

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A Mind-blending Prodigy

Interstellar is a colossal science fiction with brains, beauty and heart directed by the fiercely rational puzzle maker and problem solver Christopher Nolan. While Asimov laid the foundations of science fiction Nolan with this movie might have started a revolution in this genre. This masterpiece features characters shovelling exposition at each other for almost three

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