The Bitter Truth

I was standing near a metro station for the last forty-five minutes. Lekha was late as usual. I have been calling her continuously, but have not been able to connect with her. Probably, she was in the metro. I was quite feeling tensed since this was not our usual romantic meeting. I could apprehend that

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The never-ending wait-The conclusion

I soon started enjoying my stay since I was getting lots of spectacular snapshots. I even clicked a few snaps of Dipti and Mrs.Dutta and promised them that I will send them the pictures via post after I develop my film in Kolkata. Mrs. Dutta also chatted with me a lot. I soon understood that

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The never-ending wait :The beginning

Atin was a professional photographer and has worked with numerous reputed international agencies. He has restricted his work off late since his body has failed to cope up with the perils of intermittent sojourns. He has been blessed with a very eventful life. Today he has planned to pen down a heart-wrenching incident which had

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The Predestined Incident

The headlights of the car were breaking through the darkness of the night. Sneha was looking through the glass. She was accompanied by the cameraman and her colleague. The driver was chatting to keep himself awake. It was past midnight. Sneha’s husband Ashish had already called her twice. Asish was quite worried. Sneha did not

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Down the memory lane – The conclusion

I was starting to ignore him since I felt much better taking with other friends since Arnab’s only topic of discussion was about us and our bonding. He even started performing antics like feigning sudden illness to grab my attention. But I could see through his tricks I did not pay much heed to his

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