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Wildlife Extinction

Birds and animals are now getting rare How the animal are getting extinct, the humans aren’t aware. The trees which always had beneath them a resting elephant or a fawn. Are now in the ruins standing alone. While some animals are on the verge of extinction As they are in the clutches of predation. While

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Little wonders you did create, But, I was too busy gathering praises from the world. You have always made sure never to leave me alone, But I was ignorant of your presence. You never allowed me to succumb to dreadful situations, But I was too engrossed in life. I completely ignored your power, the power

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Torch Bearers- A Name Or A Namesake

I had often heard my mom saying “Teaching is the best profession for girls”. Years rolled by and I too developed the same thinking and hence, decided to take up this so called “best profession”. Things had been fine since the time I got into this profession. But, today, it pricks me and I keep

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