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Accepting People’s Differences

Being brought up in U.A.E. was a lot different than it would have been if I were to be raised in my own country. I don’t mean it in a good or a bad way. It’s just different on so many levels. One aspect that I want to write about today is accepting cultural diversity and accepting people as they are.
I had classmates from all over the world. At one point, we had many girls with different nationalities studying under one roof. While this may be common at university levels now (is it?) but it’s not that common in schools (am I right? Well perhaps if we consider Singapore..I am drifting off-topic). Anyhow, so there was a girl from China named Siwen Zhu, then we had some girls from Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, U.A.E., Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Holland, and Somalia. It was a unique experience. I remember when we had Siwen Zhu in our class we asked her if she eats every animal. She disgustingly had replied: No way I don’t. And she taught us how to eat with chopsticks. Egyptian girls made us realize Egypt is more than the pyramids, dessert, and camels. The people of Egypt can talk on a variety of topics displaying such good language skills. And Pakistanis are such hard-working people (I might be a bit biased here as I am from Pakistan too). Almost every class in our school had a maths genius who was a Bangladeshi. Is it like in your genes? Or do you guys start mathematics early in your life? I wonder.
All these experiences meant that now I am more open-minded towards people. I accept them the way they are and I know that beliefs, opinions, and views about something may vary. We, as human beings, have to be respectful towards that. As I grew up, I began noticing that it’s not like this in the real world and more so in my part of the world, the subcontinent. People fight over petty differences of opinion and have no respect for people different from their castes or religion. What a pity.
I want to send a message through this article to others that we should be able to accept other people no matter their race, religion, or nationality. As Brain Tracey has famously said,“ The greatest gift you can give others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”

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