“Hey you! I am talking to you?” I said, “Please return to earth Mr. Zim.”

“Huh! Yeah yeah. What?”

“We have to complete this assignment if we want to pass. Seriously what are you thinking of Zim?”

“Gosh. Stop being my mom maisha.”

“Do you want to pass this time or not?”

” Yeah yeah. I’ll complete it later.”

And there he goes again. Like always. Leaving me. I guess he’s gonna go and stalk his crush Zarin. And I will be stuck here all the time doing my best to construct an assignment for both of us. Go to hell Zim. I am not covering for you this time.

Yet I end up doing both assignments. Gosh that was hard. He owes me a treat. I start toward the canteen. And there he is. At the far corner I find him sipping his coffee and looking towards the window. I go to him and sit facing him and start to say, “Okay Zim. This is the final…..”

He holds up a hand. I stop abruptly. He looks into my eyes and say, “I’ve always wanted to tell you how much I like you. To be true I’ve been stalking you for a while. Sorry, not sorry i guess. Call me a creep if you want but this is the way I feel. I cannot stop myself from feeling this way. Everytime I see you I want to have you in my arms and hold you there forever. Your laugh is what makes my heart want to leap out of my chest. I think….I think I’m in love with you.”

I look at him. Is this really happening? What is he saying? How is this possible? Have he read my diary in any way? No that’s not possible. What should I say? Why is he looking down?

He looks up at me and says, ” I’ve been preparing this speech for a week now. How is it? Do you think Zarin will fall in love with me too when I say this to her?”

I smile and say,” You can’t find out if it worked or not if you do not try to say it to her directly. Go and tell her you dweeb. Maybe she’s in the library.”

He smiles and gets up.”If you say so”,saying this he leaves. I look toward the way he had gone and say to myself, “I love you too.”
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