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Not Everyone is Perfect

I am not perfect. I cannot charm people with my character or speech. I do not understand math. I cannot play any musical instruments. I am not even that good looking. Yes, I’m still alive.

But when I look around myself I do not see people who are also perfect. Unfortunately a lot of people are like me. We are called the normal people. So a question comes to my mind. The persons who are all that fancy looking and has a bunch of qualities, are they abnormal?

This society is killing us slowly like a poison. When we are little, the society tells us that we can be whatever we want to be when we grow up. But when we eventually grow up we find out that we cannot be what we wanted to be when we were little. And the main reason behind that is, “What will the society say?”

This society is a really confusing thing. If a girl have not eaten for a week then the society will not look upon the case and provide her of food rather they will seize this opportunity to have so called “FUN” with the girl ans when they are done with her the society itself will be the one to judge her because of what SHE did but not what was done to her.

It is not good for boys either. If and only if you have a steady job then and only then are you a good citizen. You cannot do anything rash or otherwise the society will criticize you. The society has its own definition of manliness and if a man does not qualify this definition the society itself criticizes the man by saying, “Are you even a man?”

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In the end what is society. Society is us. We make up the idea of society. So to cahnge the society we have to change our thinking and our views. Change is inevitable. Let’s change.

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