It was 9 of the morning. The newspaper was not yet delivered. Dr. Roy was impatiently waiting for his cup of coffee while Ragini his wife came to him.she asked ” why are you always reluctant about the household responsibilities”?. Goutam told his wife “you know, how much duty I have in the hospital .last night it was very critical for a child to save. I just can’t let them die to please you. Ragini felt a mocking in his tone and added “I was foolish to ask you.” Ragini left the coffee in the table and ran to the bedroom with silence. Last year Ragini had complications in pregnancy and a painful miscarriage happened. She felt the loneliness all by herself as his husband has no time for her except hospital duties.

Ragini left for the supermarket as the whole household responsibilities were on her. Her head was full of thousand thoughts about their probable future without a child. Suddenly she saw an injured dog crossing the road. the leg may be run over by something. Ragini could not control herself and took the dog to a pet-care. After treatment, she took the dog to her home. The dog was black with glistening eyes as if it was expressing gratitude. Ragini decided to take in the dog as a pet . Returning home Goutam felt an unusual presence and discovered Lacey(the name given by Ragini).
Ragini and Goutam had a love marriage. They used to have dated each other for 5years before marriage. but after marriage, things started to change. Goutam rarely lives in the home due to pressure at work and Ragini had to leave the job to maintain to the household. Ragini always tried to talk with Goutam about having children but Goutam used to say he can’t take responsibility for a child so soon. Complications arose and Ragini could not conceive.
Though Goutam didn’t love pets he doesn’t hate also. He abides with Ragini’s decision. Days passed Ragini became happier and happier around Lucy. After her household duties, she used to play with lucy. Nowadays Goutam was coming early from his duty waiting for his wife. Previously Ragini used to call but Goutam could not receive it. But suddenly after Lucy’s arrival, Goutam didn’t receive any calls from Ragini. He started to wait for calls, started to come early at home but Ragini could not understand the reasons. After several days Goutam broke the silence and asked Ragini “why are you avoiding me?”  .Ragini stumbled to answer lowering her voice, said: ” I thought you are busy.” Goutam shouted, our marriage was a mistake. In the meantime, Lucy came and slept near the feet of Ragini waiting for a hand to comfort. Goutam added,” I was expecting that our marriage would be mutual understanding but you seem to don’t care about my feelings.”Ragini calmly went to the bedroom and handed over her gynecology report to his husband. Goutam was speechless and started to cry. It was
 Endometrioid carcinoma. Lucy followed Ragini to her room shaking tails and slept on Ragini’s lap
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