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COVID-19 Is A Warning : Coordination Among All Sectors Is More Important

COVID-19 is a warning, a call for the whole world. This is not the end. The population is growing, the natural environment has become unbalanced. The food chain of animals has come down to a terrible disaster. From tiny creatures to humans, there is a visible competition for survival on Earth. Hands and feet are getting cold at the thought of how terrible the end result will be in the way a corona has moved.

There has been talk of conducting tests, tests, and tests so that the situation can be handled with as much care as possible. But it is already seen in many places that many patients are dying before the test is done to maintain the protocol. Along with the family and the people in the vicinity, COVID-19 is becoming positive. They are also falling in the queue of the test and the authorities think that the only solution is to lock down the house and keep them in one room.

The problem of the workers is not going to be solved. This issue also seems to have fallen into a patchwork of bureaucratic complexities. From file to table in that file, one is showing the other.Full-length Bengali movies are running with relief help. Crowds, hangouts, gatherings are not decreasing in the areas.

There is no way to ensure 100 percent protection of doctors and nurses. Of these, a small number of doctors and nurses for 160 million people, one doctor after another, the nurses are getting infected and dying, moving to quarantine. What is the benefit of an isolation center with thousands of seats? Unless there is medicine, food, equipment, adequate doctors, nurses!

Corona is being repeatedly asked to deal with awareness, not panic. But if someone is attacked, it is seen to do the opposite without giving kindness to him. Because the messages are not being given properly. 

It is not possible to solve all these at once. But coordination is possible, it is possible to carry out appropriate responsibilities from one’s place of responsibility, it is possible to distribute properly, it is possible to cooperate with each other, it is possible to spread messages properly. Ordinary people are helpless now. But the government and its representatives should not be left helpless. There is no way out of this epidemic without doing their job properly.

Today, the real picture of this country has emerged naked in the face of ignorance at all levels. What will we deal with? What do we have? When all the countries win the war one by one, will we be able to keep pace with them?

While our fragile education system, inadequate research centers, social and family education systems have not been able to redesign everything, the real time has come to fill the huge gaps. There is no alternative to building a large population into skilled manpower.

Vocational training may include world-class healthcare training, industrial equipment training, and training in a variety of materials.

And yes, the most important thing is proper maintenance of the country’s resources. And not a single crop land can be left. Agricultural system has to be given much more importance. Mile after mile should be filled with vegetation. Fish farming has to be done by digging ponds. Illegal installations along the river, filling all must be stopped. Large rivers have to be dug to bring back navigability. It is more a matter of pride and honor to be self-reliant than to chase after urbanization and luxury on par with America, Australia, UK and other European countries.

There is no other way to sustain human existence on this earth than to maintain the balance of the natural environment.

No one knows the position of Bangladesh when the whole world is struggling to cope with it despite having adequate medical, equipment, laboratory and economic prosperity. Even bigger is the number of mistakes in Bangladesh due to lack of coordination of sectors.

We were not aware of the global warning. We could not stop the returnees for only 14 days. Now we have no time. If we continue to procrastinate on this issue, most people in the world have affected in COVID-19 in Bangladesh, now we are just waiting to set this record!

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