It has been a few seconds. I have started to know everything. At least I have known, she is happy now. And not much like others, people have already forgotten the fact. It’s almost the midday, the perfect time to behave lazy. As far as I can remember now I had been not like this always. After all the things are now little bit strange. I don’t know how but it feels like falling down always. However I need to get up now. But it’s a bit harder at this state. The load above me is too much for a single man. Even so I thought I was okay with that, I have been through a lot. Unfortunately my bush never hit the point. Yeah, I was careless sometimes. But I changed me, not for once.

There are not many things to say now even I feel like to say those. Why? It has been always an amazing question in my mind. When you know something it starts to spread. You plant the seed of the idea in somebody. It grows like a virus. Sometimes it shows you the ‘me’ inside. Sometimes it brings the obliteration of the being inside you. You are changed by then as I have been now.

Knowing everything has a bizarre taste. I am feeling like drinking something not in a million years. My mind had to wander off the prison it set. Actually being just at the mind state is a bit funny. You don’t feel you are real. You don’t feel your presence. But you know you are not only there, rather everywhere.

At this moment I can read your mind. But it doesn’t make me amused as I thought. Maybe after knowing all you become less different in the gradient. You are no more different than one whom I thought before. Like everybody else you have the same secrets to hide, same beliefs to grow. Many of the ideas are too same. Don’t worry, you are not too special to be exposed.


Oh, I forgot one thing. You will feel itchy at this state. The tingling kicks within your belly to share your views, the beauty you can see. But there is no media to say them aloud. You scream, but your song is just like silence as like as the maker of us who don’t say just see and do.

I wish someone could find me here. I was not an introvert. It’s tough to be alone. Sometimes being free can make you upper bindings. At this moment my mind has learned that thing. So I have to make a prison to set me in again. Maybe sometimes freedom is not everything.

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