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Writers Lawn SA growing in leaps and bounds

To be presented with an opportunity to relay your ideas to the world it’s a sacrosanct gift, or opportunity that one needs to hold dearly and appreciate.

I’m katishi Mashaba the Country Ambassador for the Writers lawn South Africa and you will be knowing more and more of me as we continue growing the audience of this precious magazine with the team.

And would like to greatly thank the magazine pioneers for having given my countrymen (myself included) such a massive opportunity to put their ideas into more practicality as they say ‘words got the huge ability to paint a big and unique picture.

The word ‘volunteer’ can send the masses into helter-skelter, especially in this time of isolation due to Covid-19 when money is so needed, but someone with the ability to foresee the future will without a doubt embrace it dearly, and believe in God-given and controlled fate.

Remember experience cannot be bought, hence I inculcate my countrymen to write or continue writing for this platform.

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