You are not allowed to come out of veil
You are not allowed to see any dream
You are not allowed to speak for justice

Because you are a woman…….

Why always a woman is kept in dark?
If she can deliver a son who can survive with head held high, then why a daughter is not treated with same equality?

What is caste, creed or religion and how does it discriminate a person from another person?

Why does these questions doesn’t arise in the minds of every human being?

Here comes Dr. Kadambini Ganguly with incredible power to help sustain the existence of women.

If I can fight for your justice and rights, then why can’t you?

A woman has been empowered by the almighty to give birth to the most wonderful creature of the Earth “the human being”.

How it is then possible to crush the existence of such strength?

Respect yourself and your ability and struggle until you succeed.

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