Stories Through The Lens 1.0

Photographs, the stories with visuals. Photography is a pure medium of expressing these little stories of our life.

Photos are found in various forms and variations. A photographer can easily craft a masterpiece. Only he needs a pair of inquisitive eyes, intriguing passion and artistic notions.

Writers Lawn is always eager to act as the bucket to accumulate all sorts of creativity. With a passion to bring out something new, we present you-

“Stories Through The Lens 1.0”

“Stories Through The Lens 1.0” is a fundraising photography contest. Raised money will be donated to COVID-19 initiatives.

The COVID-19 has grasped the agility and spirit of us, making our day-to-day life colorless. Many organisations are working relentlessly to minimize Coronavirus effects. This event, thus aims to help these warriors of this epidemic.

◾ Registration Fee:
5 submissions =100 BDT/ 2$
10 submissions =150 BDT/ 3$
15 submissions = 200 BDT/ 4$

Registration Fee should be sent through Bkash to +8801612919284. For international transfer use Skrill and send at

Payment more than registration fee is appreciated and highly welcomed as we are opting for donation

▪ Categories:
1. From the eye of a wanderer.
2. Life through the lens.
3. The Ambient Portraiture.
4. Lock down Stories.
5. Snapped Stories.

Details will be published soon

1. Mobile and DSLR photography, both are allowed and the participant has to mention it.

2. Can submit in single, multiple or even ALL the categories!

3. Descriptions of photo submission will be notified further.

4. The participant must text in our page for assurance that whether their regestation fee has been confirmed or not. Our page link :

5. Only online entries in JPEG/JPG format will be accepted; Maximum File Size : 8 MB

7. The photos must have a wonderful caption (At least one liner)

8. All photos in “Lock down Stories” must have individual captions.

9. All photos must be renamed
as Name_Category No_Mobile/DSLR_MobileNumber.

10. Minimal adjustments (e.g. color correction, cropping, dodging, burning, brightness, contrast) are only allowed. Manipulation is strictly prohibited. No border and watermark is allowed.

11. Each participant may submit maximum 3 photographs per segment and 15 submission max. as a whole.

12. The copyright will remain with the photographer. Writers Lawn will have the rights to use submitted photographs for marketing and any other purposes that seems necessary for the event.

13. Writers Lawn will reserve the right to change anything during the event without prior notice.

14. All decisions taken by Writers Lawn are final regarding this event.

15. The decision of our honorable panel of judges are final.

1. Participation E-Certificate (For all)

2. Top 5 winners from each section will get amazing e-certificates including prize money.

* The Champion-
BDT 500 or 6$
* The 1st Runners up and 2nd Runners up-
BDT300 or 4$
* 4th and 5th place holders will get an amazing certificates.

*Surprises remain about certificates *

3. Top 15 (Without the top 5) will receive Certificate of “Promising Contestant.”

5. “The Best Institution” (depending on the number of participation and awards) will be awarded with a crest.

6. Best photos of each category will be published in our website. (

◾Last Date of Submission:
*31st July*

Submission Procedure

  1. Pay the Registration Fee to +8801612919284 through Bkash. For international transfer, send to using Skrill.
  2. Wait for the Confirmation Mail.
  3. Rename your Files as Name_Category No_Mobile/DSLR_MobileNumber.After Confirmation Mail.
  4. Visit and submit your photo.

After sending the Registration Fee , click on the following button to submit your photo.

*** Submission will not be accepted without Registration Fee ***

Pay the Registration Fee to +8801612919284 through Bkash.