I had often heard my mom saying “Teaching is the best profession for girls”. Years rolled by and I too developed the same thinking and hence, decided to take up this so called “best profession”. Things had been fine since the time I got into this profession. But, today, it pricks me and I keep wondering “Have I been wise enough to choose this teaching profession?” These thoughts keep wandering in my mind as I read posts on social media, as to how people consider this profession to be “not so an important one”.
I have never been a techno savvy person and giving online classes through various platforms, be it Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet or Google classroom, drove me crazy. I used to spend my nights watching You Tube videos, trying to imbibe as much knowledge as I could, so that I could give my best to my students. Every single day I was confronted with new challenges, preparing PPTs, explanatory videos, online tests etc; By God’s grace, I did overcome these challenges. Though it was difficult, but I always had this thing at the back of my mind, that no matter what, my students should not suffer.
Recently, one of my acquaintances forwarded me a post which read “Teachers should not be paid, because these online classes are just a waste of time”. Reading this, I kept wondering for a few seconds, “Are these online classes really a waste, or am I wasting my time molding myself according to the needs of my students?”
No matter how busy I may be, I have to start my classes sharp on time. Even if I sleep late, I have to make sure that I don’t miss the morning alarm. There may be situations at home when I might seek some lone time for myself, and just sit idle, doing nothing. But, this isn’t possible as I must prepare my lessons for the next day. I usually don’t share my number with anyone, besides family and friends, but today, hundreds of parents have my number saved in their cell phones. I also hate being part of any Whatsapp group, considering the fact that the phone will be bombarded with messages every single minute, but now I am a part of around 7 groups. No matter how low I may feel, I must have a smile on my face when I am on with my classes.
Though I belong to this 21st century, yet it’s being difficult for me to adapt to these modern technologies. Can we even imagine how much difficult it is for those teachers who don’t belong to this 21st century? We proudly talk of the Covid fighters, who are risking their lives, but where would we have got these fighters had we Teachers hadn’t been in the picture?
Considering all these, do you think teaching or giving online classes is an easy task? Why can’t we, teachers be respected or applauded just the way the nation does for the doctors, nurses, policemen etc;? Is our contribution during this pandemic crisis so minimal that it can be ignored?

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