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Wildlife Extinction

Birds and animals are now getting rare
How the animal are getting extinct, the humans aren’t aware.
The trees which always had beneath them a resting elephant or a fawn.
Are now in the ruins standing alone.

While some animals are on the verge of extinction
As they are in the clutches of predation.
While others are captured in zoos and circus shows
And how badly they are threatened everyone knows.

First got extinct the mammoth.
And then the dodo and the dinosaur both.
Till every rare species got extinct,
And their cries were far and distinct.

The animals have the right to live in the forests,
The birds have the right to build nests.
The animals are not dangerous,
They are in danger!
If they are not safe in the forests,
Does anyone have the answer- Where can they go?

Composed by: Akshita Deb

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