Different people take sports differently. Some say its just a waste of time. Some say that the time spent into sports is one of the most productive and effective time.

Human beings have differents perspectives and point of view. But as we all know and can clearly see that there are more people in this world who are more interested about sports than who are not. According to a recent research, there 65% (approximately) sports fans in this Earth. So, what is the reason that they are different from the 35% people who are not really very interested in sports?

When live broadcasting of cricket matches started, it was often felt that you had to play the game at the highest level to be able to commentate on it. This often led to drab sessions, when not much happened in the game and commentators too did not have the acumen or command over the language to keep us hooked to it. This man changed all that – his educational background, his command of languages (both…

A cool breeze was persistently blowing from the pavilion end of this small cricket stadium built on the outskirts of a suburban town. I was taking my stance and getting ready to face the first ball of the day. Rajesh, the captain of the home team gave me a wry smile. I know him for quite a long time now, on the field he is a fierce competitor but after the day’s play, he is…