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Dark is beautiful

Fair is always lovely in India, where girls grow up with constant reminders that only fair skin is beautiful. Sunday matrimonial ads blatantly manifest the requisite for fair brides. The elderly aunties and moms always advise young women to apply home remedies like saffron or curcumin paste to make their skin whiter. In the Indian film or television industry, the dusky actors often face harassment. They do not get the roles that they deserve only because of their skin color. […]

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Accepting People’s Differences

Being brought up in U.A.E. was a lot different than it would have been if I were to be raised in my own country. I don’t mean it in a good or a bad way. It’s just different on so many levels. One aspect that I want to write about today is accepting cultural diversity and accepting people as they are. I had classmates from all over the world. At one point, we had many girls with different nationalities studying […]

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