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The National Media’s Habitual Apathy to Assam Floods

While floods is currently ravaging Assam and has already affected and displaced close to 4 million people, causing 79 human deaths till date and killing close to 100 animals at the Kaziranga National Park, it has not been regarded important enough by the National Media to be its most important coverage. Instead, more important news was Amitabh Bachchan being able to go to the loo on his own and the “gussa” (Anger) of Sachin Pilot. Even a gangster’s death through […]

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Expedition through a Conquest

Rise of Empires: Ottomans directed by Emre Sahin helps a viewer to take an expedition through the historical conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans. This occupation is not only a clash between Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and Roman Emperor Constantine Xl but also the encounter of two empires, two religions and the two civilizations at large. Mehmed, new and young to the throne visions the seizure of Roman capital inspired by the ideals of Alexander, the Great. Constantinople, the city […]

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