Believe in yourself
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Thembi sat in her room, eyes gazed outside the window at the far-away hills. Everything looked different. She didn’t find meaning in life. Since her car accident, she has always isolated herself. It shattered her dreams and doomed her netball career.   “How long will you torture yourself, my child? What happened was not your fault. Look, It’s not the end of the world. Staying indoors will depress you. How about we take a walk, you will feel better,” Aunt Nkele […]

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Dark Hour Dissipate

Poverty came into Fred’s life uninvited.It has been one problem after the other since the death of his father. Being an elder son in his family, Fred had no choice but to leave high school. His friend,John faced the same dilemma.The scarcity of jobs left both families starving. One morning, a food fight erupted among Fred’s younger sisters over the little leftovers. The scene left him heartbroken since all his relatives refused to help. Pawning some of the furniture was […]

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