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I plunged into the depth of life to see, Lo! There are a varied reasons to lit my face with glee. Why should I brood and remorse over times of distress? Why shouldn’t I delve into the present and rejoice? Let bygones make their mark in History, Why not move ahead and recreate a joyful story? Life is neither a bed of roses nor a rug of thorns; So enjoy it with a coke and some popcorns. Ego, anger, jealousy, […]

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Hope looks like the single ray of the sun Piercing through the darkest clouds Hope looks like the drops of water Trickling down an almost dried tap Hope looks like the fiesty sapling Growing in between the concrete walls Hope looks like the toothless smile Of a new born child Hope looks like the broken, battered woman Standing tall, facing her fears Hope looks like a ravaged man Crawling back to get up on his feet again Hope looks like […]

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