Time heals everything
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Reprisal of Fate

It was 9 of the morning. The newspaper was not yet delivered. Dr. Roy was impatiently waiting for his cup of coffee while Ragini his wife came to him.she asked ” why are you always reluctant about the household responsibilities”?. Goutam told his wife “you know, how much duty I have in the hospital .last night it was very critical for a child to save. I just can’t let them die to please you. Ragini felt a mocking in his […]

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Once Anaximander the great philosopher discerns about dialectics saying that, in universe occurs, a war between opposite forces called as “war of opposites”. In oppose to each force or energy, there exists its opposite form. Concern to the energy of hatred, there comes a positive and robust feeling of love. This dialect between the hate and love create a balance in life and maintained the laws of the universe. Where there is evil for good, there is joy for sorrow. […]

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