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Hope looks like the single ray of the sun Piercing through the darkest clouds Hope looks like the drops of water Trickling down an almost dried tap Hope looks like the fiesty sapling Growing in between the concrete walls Hope looks like the toothless smile Of a new born child Hope looks like the broken, battered woman Standing tall, facing her fears Hope looks like a ravaged man Crawling back to get up on his feet again Hope looks like […]

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A glimmer of hope

“Sir, mam’s condition is getting worse, by the day. They are telling that only dialysis is not sufficient. A kidney transplant is necessary. Neha mam is doing her best to find a donor. But in this lockdown, it is almost impossible to find a donor. Everyone is dreading to come to the hospitals. We are helpless, sir,’’ Chumki said. Arnab replied, “Yes, I can understand. I am also trying to locate any donor from the internet but nobody is available […]

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Running over by the sofa placed in lounge; straight to the door and unlocking it, walking down the small staircase crossing the porch covered with ever green grass, all the way to a red mail box. Alan was going through all the mails she received in morning. The mail for which she has been waiting since early summers; is it been there now? Alan’s heart was bumping rapidly and her hands shivering. “So… when you are leaving for the publication […]

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