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Down the memory lane Part-2

I should have told her earlier but to be very frank I had completely transported his memories to the oblivion. I admitted that I was recalling our good old college days. We soon returned to our hotel where we met Arnab with whom I introduced Malini and Nil. They exchanged courteous smiles and soon we were off to our room. I took a bath but the glimpses of the past started haunting me. Maybe I could have dealt with the […]

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Dead Memories

There is a tale I want to tell All of you lend me your ears and listen very well This is a tale that ended with a tear Instead of a happily ever after   I could still remember the flutter I felt When you stared at me I thought I would melt Sound Cliché, but for me it’s destiny Especially when you finally said you want to be with me   Every Seconds, Minutes, is like a fairy tale […]

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