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Movie Review: Joker

“IS IT JUST ME OR IS IT GETTING CRAZIER OUT THERE?” Arthur Fleck (Joker) Synopsis: The movie is a partial adaptation of the DC comic ‘The Killing Joke’ and the 1983 Americal satire ‘The King of Comedy’. Party clown at the morning and a failed commedian at night, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) tries his best to fit into the corrupted and rotten society of Gothem. Arthur though deeply believes that his soul purpose in life is ‘to make everybody smile’ […]

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A Mind-blending Prodigy

Interstellar is a colossal science fiction with brains, beauty and heart directed by the fiercely rational puzzle maker and problem solver Christopher Nolan. While Asimov laid the foundations of science fiction Nolan with this movie might have started a revolution in this genre. This masterpiece features characters shovelling exposition at each other for almost three hours. A viewer is certain to be intrigued by thinking what might come. This post-apocalyptic film depicts humanity’s despoiled home earth ravaging its population which […]

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