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Impacts of COVID-19 on Juvenile Justice System

As federal, state, and local governments continue navigating appropriate responses to those most impacted by COVID-19, it’s crucial to remember the significant impact had on youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system, whether they are currently incarcerated, being released, or on probation. Ill-treatment and physical, mental and sexual abuse – they are used to that. Yet, not seeing their relatives for months – how has that affected these young offenders? Struggles of Juvenile Offenders Youth offenders often face […]

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Torch Bearers- A Name Or A Namesake

I had often heard my mom saying “Teaching is the best profession for girls”. Years rolled by and I too developed the same thinking and hence, decided to take up this so called “best profession”. Things had been fine since the time I got into this profession. But, today, it pricks me and I keep wondering “Have I been wise enough to choose this teaching profession?” These thoughts keep wandering in my mind as I read posts on social media, […]

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