Now or never
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My Star Who Went Home

It is sometimes tiring to only have darkness as your own comfort and happiness In the dark where we can hide The gloomy secrets that lies In a windy silent midnight I met my star like a knight Under the stars he shines so bright It feels like the moon is not as bright as his light It was the same night where I want everything to end Seems like this loneliness is my friend But he came and gave […]

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The Untold Road

Life remains to be the fire behind every person in the street of wilderness. We came to be strong but quite weak in the field of the unknown. We stand to what we believe in and get hurt to what we never asked for. We unexpectedly forget our shields as if we did not know the war that is coming. As life continues to make its jobs we are caught beyond the borders we made for ourselves. Taking roads to […]

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The Attack to the Philippine Fourth Estate

“I will see to it that you are out.” Said Philippine President Duterte to giant broadcast network ABS-CBN. On July 10, 2020 Friday,  Committee on Legislative Franchises of the Philippine House of Representative made a precedent. It denied the franchise renewal of broadcast network ABS-CBN. This, however franchise issue, creates a chilling effect in the entire fourth estate of our democracy. I am abhorrent to this blatant attack to a part of the fourth estate. ABS-CBN should have their franchise […]

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