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Super Woman in Real Life

She was never home. She was only 19 years old when she got married. Luckily her husband was supportive enough to help her to finish graduation. When she had her daughter, her first child she was only a student of honors 1st year. She was never home due to her classes. Even at home she had to study for her exams. She didn’t have enough time for her child. Time went like this and finally she graduated with the best […]

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True love is nothing but a mirage one can pursue but never attain. Your search may be constant, yet it always ends in vain.   The farther you seek, the nearer it may seem. But at the very end, it’s all just a lucid dream.   True love is like an illusion. It promises you ecstasy. Till you finally realise that it’s a non-existent fantasy.   Despite all these obstacles, I know you’re still on a quest. Dear dreamer in […]

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