Never give up
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The unexpected reconnection

“Mrs.Sengupta is such a lovely singer, isn’t it? And she is so friendly I must say. Yes, indeed this time around we will have a great time. The entire group seems to be quite amicable especially Mrs. Sengupta. I have already become quite fond of her. What do you say?’’ Rita asked her husband, Tanmay. Tanmay seemed to be lost in some thoughts and was hardly listening to his wife. His wife noticed it and said, “Hey, what are you […]

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The Unexpeted Favor

I could hardly decipher what was going around me. I could see the nurses moving around me. A doctor was observing me minutely. I was trying my best to recuperate my memory. I could remember, that I was crossing a desolate dimly lit road. Suddenly, a speeding car came and I was blinded by its glaring flashlights and I was run over… I was feeling excruciating pain. But I could hardly remember anything else. After coming to my senses, I […]

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