Do you know about KFC? Or Pizza Hut? Or American Burger? Hearing these kinds of question, you may laugh and say, “who does not know?”.

The hype of eating in these restaurants is increasing day by day from the previous decade. Now people want to have different foods from different cuisines, people want to change their taste and they are investing money on eating.

So, how did these international restaurants become so popular here?

1.Movies and TV Shows:

Streaming platforms are playing an indirect role in our food habit

Foreign movie and TV shows became so popular from the early 90’s. People were getting familiar with foreign food, foreign culture and foreign habits, especially American culture and food habits. They watched Hollywood heroes and heroines to go in a coffee date or to have pizza party. That was the beginning.

And now Netflix, Amazon prime are popular here. We have entered in “Netflix and Chill” concept. And as satellite, dish media, web media, print media everything is so accessible for us to know about foreign culture, cross cultural interest grows up and it increases international food chain’s popularity.

2. TV Advertisements:

TV Advertisements have an impact in food habit

Once KFC’s Spicy Hot Wing TV commercial was very popular. The advertisement attracted food lover so much. Then MacDonald came with their cheese petty burger and Pizza hut with their delicious pizzas.

Dish Antenna was available in our country and kids used to watch cartoon network, Disney, POGO etc. As they watched those ads, they got interest about these International food companies apart from having traditional Bengali food.

3. Social media and Internet:

Social media has a huge impact to instigate us for new taste.

From 2006-2007, Social media and internet usage started increasing with massive speed. Already then, some international food companies like KFC entered in this country and people started tasting their food items. They were getting more and more excited about international food items. Internet via social media started giving butter in this excitement. Blogs, articles, advertisements were popping up on social media feed.

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4. Digital Content Creators:

This is the era of content making, digital marketing. Food companies hire people to promote their food with fancy photography and videography. If you didn’t like a food page, still you will see sponsored ads to make you feel attracted. If you are not interested in food, still you will watch advertisements of restaurants as an organic member because your friend may have liked the page or checked in the restaurant.

Food promoters are coming in the Facebook live and telling you the taste of a food. You will just feel everyone is telling, “You try this food or that food” as if everyone only wants to eat food and they have made it their happiness.

5. YouTube Food Vloggers:

Food Vloggers are influencing us to taste new foods.

Most of the time, it’s not food promotional video but people hang around, eat in a restaurant, shoot video and upload it in their YouTube channel. Companies usually do not pay for these channels but sometimes they do.

Food vloggers are spreading these kinds of videos all over the YouTube and internet and making these restaurants popular. In the past, people used to watch food vlogging videos of other countries but currently Bangladeshi people are making vlogging videos and taking it as a profession.

For example, Petuk Couple, Khudalagse, Matro Man etc. They are full time professional food vloggers. As a result, promotion of not only the international food chain but also local food restaurants are becoming popular and people are crazily enjoying having food outside.

6. Modifying Company Policies:

International food companies change their food ingredients according the taste bud, cultural and religious practices of a country. They also modify their market policies keeping the sentiment of a culture on their mind.

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For example, McDonald’s doesn’t sell beef burger in India as it’s the largest Hingu religious country. Instead, they serve “Alu Tikki” burger.

In Bangladesh, no international food chain company sells pork burger as it’s a Muslim majority country. They only sell chicken and beef burger. Even they change their spices accordingly to attract people toward these foods.

7. Easy to Get:

Food companies were Dhaka based at first. But they opened many more branches not only in Dhaka but also all over the country. They also have home delivery system so, if you are busy at work, you can grab you phone, order a pizza or burger and boom! Your food will be yours within 20 minutes to 1 hour.

8. Customer Friendly Environment:

Customer Friendly Restaurant

You went to a romantic food date with your partner in a restaurant but you felt uncomfortable. Will you go there again?

Or you went to a restaurant with your parents and you felt awkward there for some reason. Will you go there with your parents again?

Companies try to give customer friendly environment to each and every customer. They try to balance with all kind of customers. They are successful most of the time.

Restaurant staffs ensure to provide best services to the people who come to their restaurant. They hear every complain and try to solve them. They won’t let you feel any discomfort or awkwardness in their restaurant.

There are many more factors which work behind people’s interest toward international food chain. Today, they enjoy their lives having food. It’s the era of globalisation so everyone is connected with each other. That’s why it’s easier for those companies to increase interest if they don’t even exist in a country. This business sector will cherish more in near future.

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