Poverty came into Fred’s life uninvited.It has been one problem after the other since the death of his father. Being an elder son in his family, Fred had no choice but to leave high school. His friend,John faced the same dilemma.The scarcity of jobs left both families starving. One morning, a food fight erupted among Fred’s younger sisters over the little leftovers. The scene left him heartbroken since all his relatives refused to help. Pawning some of the furniture was the only option so that he could buy sufficient food. Due to bad circumstances, Fred and John ‘s families had to endure rejection and humiliation by society.

One day an opportunity knocked on Fred’s door. Mr Roos, a successful business man in his fifties advertised general worker jobs. Fred and John went to Roos factory with great enthusiasm for the job interview. Arriving at the factory,they noticed that the gates were locked. That never stopped them from waiting even longer. Hours went by with no sign of Mr Roos. It was just after they finished their lunch boxes when they got interrupted by Mr Roos’s son,Jack.

“Waiting for someone?”,Jack asked.

“Yes, actually we have an appointment with your father”, John replied.

“Today? I don’t think so. He’s not coming to the office,It’s a public holiday. Don’t you guys  know that?”,Jack smirked.


“Please leave. I only came here to collect my charger. If anything disappears from this place,you’ll be held responsible. Now get lost!”,yelled Jack.

Jack degraded them and squealed tires of his car while playing loud music. Times were bad for the two friends. It poured heavily as they made their way back home. With each step, they splashed with their water filled shoes towards the nearest shelter and waited for the rain to stop. 

“That heartless spoiled brat ruined my day. One day I will  put him in his place”, John fumed with rage.

“Calm down! He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.Besides, we also got the date wrong.Please just ignore him.You know very well that Jack always finds pleasure in belittling people”, said Fred.

“The thing is my mom’s situation is deteriorating, I really need some money for her medication”,John sobbed.

“Don’t  worry,she’ll be fine.I’m here for you”. Fred patted his shoulder.

“Thanks,what will I be without you?You are like a brother to me.No condition under the universe can make us admit defeat or part ways”,added John.

A week later, both friends got employed by Roos’ factory after a successful interview. Their lives changed for the better. Their  sorrows faded like mist in the sunshine. They took their families to the sea  for a vacation. The refreshing sea breeze and the crashing sound of waves was all they needed. Both families cherished each moment and appreciated the change brought into their lives.The future looked even brighter when Fred and John decided to further their studies through distance learning. They worked hard in completing their high school grades and were both admitted at a university.Their dream of becoming mechanical engineers was fulfilled.

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