shae of togetherness
You & I belong to the Kingdom,
Which nowadays a bit fade ,
But we can bring it close to our hearts one day,
Pour in me the beauty of your shade.
Come closer as I’m thirsty for your smile,
And the promises we’ve made,
Now burry all our lies under our feets,,
And pour in me the beauty of your shade .
We haven’t walk like we promised altogether,
And we haven’t sing that aubade,,
We should join our hearts like we joined our feets,,
Drizzle on me, the beauty of your shade .
I found scarcity of beliefs in my Lover’s Eyes,
Like all her efforts went pale,
I’m desperate to conquer the world for you,
Just sprinkle the beauty of your shade.
In our end times we make sure we attain all we dreamed,
Integrity, honour, joy & Good faith,,
Atlast, you will cherish My striving for dreams,
And I must Endure the beauty of your shade. ❤️
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